I discovered Grammarly while aimlessly shopping on the Chrome Web Store, and I never looked back. Here’s why:

Grammarly was started in 2009 by two dudes named Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn. It is a truly awesome piece of software, which, as well as checking spelling, it checks words against over 250 grammar rules, and it also recognises URLs, email addresses, and checks names from the web, and recognises tech names that aren’t strictly words, like iCloud, and Workflow. It also won’t judge you if you type usernames, like UltraCoder445, or SuuperGuy. I love

It also won’t judge you if you type usernames, like UltraCoder445, or SuuperGuy. I love that feature because I hate that red underline when I type doublegeekblog.wordprees.com. Or when I type an email, noreply@doublegeekblog.wordpress.com (Not a real address).


If you’re not convinced by all this prattling on for my part, why not I SHOW you what it can do?

Selection_001 Here I am making a post on Google+. I have deliberately made a mistake for your benefit, and Grammarly has kindly pointed this out.Workspace 1_004  I click Hope, and the word “hope” is nicely inserted into my conversation.

workspace-1_005.pngBut of course, Grammarly doesn’t just do spelling. Whereas a Chrome spell checker wouldn’t pick that grammatical error I made up, Grammarly picks it up with no problem.

Selection_006If I were using a Chrome spell checker, it would be red all over, but Grammarly knows it’s a URL and A-OKs it.

So there you have it. The best spell checker ever.

Do you think Grammarly is awesome, or simply a waste of time (like Sam)? Let me know in the comments!


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