Yes, you heard me right. Facebook is doing a new smart speaker, and this is it:

It looks, well, like an Echo Show. Facebook haven’t been heavy on the details (all they’ve done is release pictures) but I think it’s safe to say Messenger, Instagram and Facebook itself will be heavily involved.

In my opinion, Facebook will probably use this as an opportunity to promote it’s products. You will almost certainly be able to text and video call your peeps with Messenger and possibly post to Facebook. Going a bit more out on a limb, you may or may not be able to post to Instigram as well. Facebook owns them as well.

For all of you reading with bated breath for info on the new speaker’s WhatsApp capabillities, I’m going to say there will most probably be none. I mean, come on. None of the smart speakers currently on the market have WhatsApp at all. Not only that, but from the images, it looks like Facebook as an opportunity to promote Messenger. So although Facebook own WhatsApp and they would be potentially catering to over a billion people if they did, Faceboook will most likely not include WhatsApp in the new speaker.

And that’s pretty much all we know. Oh, wait, a couple more things. First, as you can see, Facebook has plagarized the Echo Show with this one (like you couldn’t tell). Second, Business Insider have reported on a new patent that centers in on modular hardware tech. Did I mention that Facebook purchased, a voice recognition startup?

Are you excited for this new speaker? Will you be buying it? Please let us know in the comments!


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