Yes, again your ears are in perfect working order, and again I bring wonderful news. Paint is alive! Yes! After alll your mourining that ancient interface, your yearning for the long-forgotten pixel art Paint made possible, after all that. Did Paint have to die? No! No it didn’t!

Unfortunately, this is not a case of Microsoft keeping something ancient for the sake of the customer, like Windows 10’s support for Dial-Up. Instead, to put it in the words of Sherlock Holmes:

“I had no difficulty getting out of the carven for the simple reason that I was never in it.”

Oh yeah. Microsoft Paint has not performed a miracle in ressurrecting itself for the simple reason it was never dead. So really, what we’re seeing here is not the death of a software but instead a trick story that the media wrote either because they didn’t understand or they just wanted a killer headline.

Don’t be fooled. Although MS Paint isn’t going away, it is losing everything except existence. Microsoft really want you to use Paint 3D, Paint’s 3D-modeling-compatible replacement. But to keep their users happy, Microsoft are walking away from Paint instead of killing it.

Paint has also lost all hope of discovery. Instead of gaining a place of honour in the Start Menu, or even a humble plance in the Windows Utilities folder, it will instead become a hidden tool like Regedit or the Group Policy Editor. To get to it, you must open the Start Menu and type “mspaint” (no quotes). Then press enter. Paint will launch. It’s not clear whether you’ll have the option to pin it to the Start Menu/Taskbar though.

Even though Paint is alive, I wouldn’t reccomend using it. Paint 3D, it’s replacement, has Windows 10’s modern UI, everything. MS Paint echoes of XP’s ancient callings and nothing will work propely. If you find a bug, Microsoft will not fix it, because MS Paint is no longer supported. You should at least try Paint 3D before you waltz off back into the arms of the now-ancient MS Paint.

Are you happy that Paint lives on? Or do you just want to see it die? Please let us know in the comments!

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