Oh yeah. The biggest thing that’s happened to Minecraft in a while. This is the Minecraft Better Together Update. And it’s in beta. So jokesters are calling it Beta Together.

What Is It?

First of all, let’s get something straight. This is not a point update. This is not Minecraft 1.13. This is Better Together.

Better Together is the latest version of Minecraft. It’s an update that will allow Minecraft for Windows 10, Minecraft Pocket Edition and Console Edition to work and play in harmony. Sadly this update will not be coming to the Java Edition, because for that to happen, Mojang would have to transfer the codebase to C++. Although I personally think that Java is an old, security- holed slow execution that should die ASAP, I seem to be in the minority. Microsoft/Mojang know this, so they are keeping the Java edition alive and in Java. If I get Minecraft, I will be playing the Windows 10 Edition unless mod/server/OS compatibillity throws me off.

Cool. Any New Features?

Yup. The Console, Windows 10 and Pocket editions will be updated with the following new features:

  • Coloured Blocks: The BT update includes new coloring of blocks, so you can now have colored glass and all that cool stuff. I think stained concrete might be new as well.
  • A New Creative Inventory: The new inventory in Creative Mode is way better than Java’s one, in my opinion. It displays the Creative Inventory alongside your regular inventory, and having played Java Edition before, I much prefer this setup to the old one. It also shrinks down the inventory by putting blocks into folders, E.G. the glass block opens into a folder with coloured glass in it. I love that improvement.
  • Jukeboxes: Apparently, the old jukebox isn’t around in PE or the others. It is now, with a full selection of discs for everyone. I should point out that the Console edition has had most of these things before, but PE and Win10 don’t.
  • Parrot Taming: Even though parrots have been around BBT (Before Better Together), you haven’t been able to tame them. Now, just feed them seeds, and they’ll sit on your shoulder, listen to your sit command and even do this cute dancing when a jukebox nearby is playing.
  • Course Dirt: Even though I wouldn’t have missed this a lot of you have so Mojang have put it in PE and Win10. Big smiles all round.
  • A Better Server Menu: BBT, the server menu was hidden away in the Friends tab. It’s now got it’s own space. Currently, you can’t play any servers in the Beta, but Microsoft will be sending you some soon.
  • More Advanced World Creation: A lot of people, myself included, have noticed that the settings in Create Random World were not advanced. Now they are, with things like Keep Inventory making an appearence.
  • A Change Of Name: The Windows 10 Edition will henceforth be known as the PC Edition, and the PC/Mac Edition known as the Java Edition.

This list doesn’t even begin to cover the slew of featues in Better Together. If you wan’t to see all of them, check out this video from YouTube’s OMGchad, in his amazing channel OMGcraft, where he tests the BT Beta and outlines the new features. Sadly, since I don’t pay for videos in WordPress, I will just link to it here.

How Can I Get It?

Microsoft have some instructions on the Better Together FAQ, which you should check out if you have more questions because I’m not outlining them here.

Are you excited for Better Together? Will you be getting Minecraft Windows 10 because of it? Please let us know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “The Minecraft Better Together Update Enters Beta

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