Installing themes on Chrome is easy. You just find a theme on the Chrome Web Store and download it. But what if you have a theme that’s NOT from the Chrome Web Store? Well, you can read this!!!!!


Before you do anything, you must extract the ZIP. Most modern operating systems have a ZIP extractor, so all you need to do is double-click the file and then click Extract. Drag the files that come out into a new folder.

Now comes the fun part. Open a new tab in Chrome and type chrome://extensionsCaptureNow, you must toggle Developer mode ON, and click Load Unpacked. Your interface will look different to mine if you haven’t  enabled Material Design in ChromeCapture2A small File browser will open. Find your folder and double-click it. For some reason, my screenshot app wasn’t working right, and I can’t show myself doing it. But, once you do it, your theme will instantly be installed!Capture4Doesn’t that look so much better (BTW I made this myself!)?


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