Doesn’t that just look like the last word in AWESOMENESS? Even though iOS is the best OS EVER,  it can get a bit boring, especially since iOS 11 is just around the corner (So we’ve had 10 for almost a year now). So, it can be nice for a change. Now, if you think so too, keep reading! If not, click here.

I did it again! Haha!! I sent those suckers back to the homepage! Anyway, before we begin…


OK, so, to make this awesomeness we’ll be using an accessibility feature built into iOS which inverts colours. And while it makes icons look cool, it can seriously mess with images and emojis. For example, here’s a normal photo of me, next to an inverted one.

BUT DON’T LET THAT PUT YOU OFF! We will be using the home button to make switching instant! It’ll take like, 0.2 seconds. So it’s not a big problem because you can switch back and forth depending on what you’re doing. The other minor downside is that it disables Night Shift so you might not want to do this if you use that. With that in mind, let’s continue!’

Go to Settings and click General.IMG_7618Tap Accessibility, IMG_7619Now scroll down to the bottom and tap Accessibility ShortcutIMG_7620Now tap Invert Colours, and greet your new Coat of paintCapture.PNG


3 thoughts on “How to give your iOS experience a fresh coat of paint

    1. Hi Elwood
      I don’t honestly remember submitting the site to Yahoo! News. I think that we were just completely honest about who we were or what we did. Heck, if they reject you, it’s their fault for not knowing great content when they see it!


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