Thanks to expensive Internet and the rotation of the earth, we at DoubleGeek will sadly not be watching the WWDC this afternoon (It’s popping up at 4:00PM CAT). But we know that since almost all of our readers are tech enthusiasts, you guys will want to watch it (even if it means missing the Game Of Thrones marathon you planned because your mates said the event was tomorrow). So, I have compiled an article of how to do so.

Why can’t I just show up and wait for it to start?

For all their Keynotes, Apple uses the HLS live-streaming protocol. It’s great, and all, but the only major browsers that support it are Apple’s Safari and Microsoft Edge (the browser that comes with Windows 10). So if you’re an open-source buff or you want to use your Smart TV or you’re on the go and all you have is your Android tablet (Why didn’t you just get an iPad?!), what are you going to do?????. Well, you have two options: You can wait for Apple to put it on their YouTube channel (can be a week or more), or…

You can read this guide!!!!!

macOS, iOS and Windows 10

Open up Safari or Microsoft Edge, show up and wait.

Windows 7 and older and Linux

Use VLC.”Oh, VLC!”, you say. “That’s the app I use to play Bloomin’ DVDs on my laptop!” Hang on, you in the back. There’s a reason why it’s called VLC MEDIA player. It can grab live streams too. To grab it, you’ll have to open VLC and hit Ctrl-N and enter the live stream URL. Except that we can’t get the URL until the stream starts. But don’t worry! We have a Windows 10 computer at DG and I will get it for you! I promise! It’s on Cortana and there’s an alarm on my watch!

Now, if I can’t (the electricity might trip, for example), it’s gonna appear on TechRadar.

Apple TV

Apple has helpfully made an Apple TV app for watching the events here. If you have a 3rd-generation Apple TV or second-generation, you can beam the stream to it using Airplay on a Mac or iOS device (if you use an iOS device I recommend an iPad). To do so, activate your Apple TV, and swipe up for Control Center. Tap Airplay, and wait for it to find your Apple TV.


Download and use VLC.


I hope you enjoy the September event. Tell me about it in the comments *sniff* won’t you?


Even though we won’t be able to live stream the event, we’ll still read all about it on our favourite blogs, and, of course, so we’ll still give you our take on the iPhone 8. Just don’t expect us to be first to the party:)!

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