As you may know, Double Geek is, at the moment, in the USA. We said we wouldn’t go offline, and then we did. Here’s why:

No, we’re not liars, and no, we’re not like the dolphins in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy. We’re not saying, “So Long, and thanks for all the views!” Right before Double Geek’s impending destruction. But here’s why we haven’t posted for the past week or so.

As I’ve touched on before, Double Geek has literally NO money. As such, our laptops are in fact ones we’ve inherited from various relatives. For that reason, we have to share them with our siblings. We left our laptops at home, because we were (for reasons I won’t go into) under the impression that laptops would be provided for us when we reached Disney Land. For more reasons that I am not at liberty to discuss (I know I sound like an FBI agent, but it’s true), they never arrived. So we’ve had to do with our Kindles, which are to underpowered for blogging. Right now I’m writing this at a Business center in our (new) hotel in North Carolina.

But don’t worry! We have, by no means, lost interest in Double Geek. We arrive home on Sunday, so on Monday (assuming we aren’t suffering from Jet Lag) expect Sam’s take on the Google Pixel 2 (he thinks it’s been underrated a bit). We also did a bit of a tech shopping spree at the Best Buy down the road, because tech is, like half-price here compared to SA. Sam will be doing a review on his new Kindle Paperwhite, and I’ll be doing a review on the 10.5 inch iPad Pro (hopefully, at least; it’s for my Mom, so I might be denied access.), and maybe the JBL Charge 3 (let me know if you think it’s Review worthy).

Oh, and one last thing: Due to a couple of reasons (the nearest Apple Store being 20 minuets away and the fact that I don’t have a driver’s license) It’s very unlikely I’ll be able to do the “Hands on with all Apple’s new stuff” article I promised. Sorry. If you do want to know about this, a fellow Apple Sheep at Tailosve Tech has plenty of money and plenty of videos about the new stuff.cropped-doublegeek-thhumbnail1.png



One thought on “No, we’re not dead. But we are sorry

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