Well, it’s that time of year (close enough) where we’ve thrown the pumpkins and broomsticks in the trash, and soon everyone will be walking around in red hats with pom-poms on. Now, since you know that tech makes your life better (to an extent), and you want to give your friends and family that life enrichment. So, what tech should you buy this Christmas for your loved ones? I’ve compiled a list of every category of person I can think of, so read on…

Note: Most of the tech in this list is quite (ahem) EXPENSIVE. If you’re short on cash this year, I suggest you skip to the bottom of the list,

First Phone

So, your kids are getting older, and it’s about time they got their own phone. Well, I have a couple of Suggestions I think you’ll find helpful.

For Androidians, Motorola G Family chrome_2017-11-02_17-10-37.png

At DoubleGeek, Sam says he’s an Android fan. And he is. The big problem with Android (and the main reason why iOS is VASTLY superior) is that manufacturers take what is actually a rather good OS and modify it to Kingdom Come so that all that’s really left is the Powered By Android sticker and the home button. Motorola are not like this. All they do to it is add the World’s Best startup sequence and add some stock apps. I believe their slogan at one point was Pure Android. Please, don’t get a Huawei, with the operating system that looks like it was coded by a farmer up in Yorkshire just to save a few bucks. Give your kids a treat and get them a Moto G. I recommend the G5.

For Apple Sheep, the iPhone SE


So, you want to treat your kid to an iPhone? Good on you! I’ve seen kids of about 10 walking around with iPhone 7s, but I think that’s a bit much. If you want to keep the family running on apples with a bite outa them, I recommend the iPhone SE. It has the same internals as the iPhone 6s (12MP camera, A9 chip, M9 Motion coprocessor, for those with bad memories) except it doesn’t have 3D-Touch. If you think it looks familiar, you’d be right. It’s the exact same body from the 5s, and it’s definitely not underpowered. It’s a bit more than the Moto at $349, but it’s le’s cheapest phone, and it used to cost $399 for 16GB, and now it’s $349 for 32GB, so think of it as a bargain.

First Laptop

First phone, first laptop, ooh, your kids are getting spoiled this year! It’s more than my folks ever spent on me on December 26! Anyway, here are my top picks for laptops

For Windows fans, Dell Inspiron

We love Dell at DoubleGeek. Their laptops are generic, reliable and relatively cheap. So, if you want Windows, I recommend the Dell Inspiron. It’s Dell’s cheapest laptop, and I must say I like the look of it. There are many, many choices; 2-in-1s, 15 inches, 11 inches, and much more. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the price on the website, but you can go look for yourself at the Dell site.


For Mac fans, MacBook Air or MacBook


The MacBook Air is Apple’s cheapest laptop. It’s not brilliant by modern Apple standards. It’s not the fastest laptop in the world, it doesn’t have a Force Touch trackpad or a Retina Display. However, it was rated Best Laptop of 2016 by the Verge. Why? It’s simple, clean, elegant, just under half the price of a MacBook Pro. More recently, it has grown slightly more popular, being one of only two MacBooks with ports other than USB-C and a headphone jack. It costs $999 off Apple.com. Buy it here.

Macbook Airs are all well and good, but if you want a future-proof laptop (one that won’t go out of date for a long time), you need this thing:


This is the MacBook. Its name is the “MacBook” Tech Enthusiasts call it the MacBook Retina, to distinguish it from the general MacBook product. Apple wants this to replace the MacBook Air, and it will, someday, when everyone gets used to USB-C. Which brings me to the MacBook’s biggest problem: It has just two ports: A USB-C port, and a headphone jack. If you don’t plug much into your computer, and/or you don’t mind plugging in an adapter every now and then, and if you’re willing to invest in a few USB-C adapters, it really shouldn’t be a problem. Most reviewers say that it takes a few weeks to a month to get used to, and then you kinda stop thinking about it. The only inevitable consequence is that you can’t charge your laptop and plug stuff in at the same time unless you buy a multi-adapter. Do you want to pay $1299 for it? Don’t let me influence you!

For Music Lovers

Can your friend go for a day without listening to their favourite song? If not, they might appreciate one of these gifts…

A Music Streaming subscription

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 11.45.04

Did you know that you can buy gift cards for music streaming services, such as Apple Music and Spotify? With Apple Music Gift Cards, you can get them three months for $29.97, or 12 months for $99. I don’t know the Spotify prices, because “Spotify Gift Cards aren’t available in my country” Might wanna check ’em out yourself.

Wireless Headphones


When I say “Wireless Headphones” I don’t mean those awful ones you pick up for $10 at Best Buy. If you want to give that person something special, I have some suggestions.

If the person in question has a few Apple products lying around, I recommend AirPods (Above), for $159. The reason for my recommendation is because of the W1 chip (from the Apple Watch). It means that super-easy pairing with any Apple device, and after that’s done, it automatically pairs with all your Apple Devices. If you don’t think AirPods are your friend’s cup of tea, Here are some other W1 headphones: BeatsX, Powerbeats (for fitness fans) Beats Studio 3, (Over-ear headphones) and Beats Solo 3. These cost $149, $199, $349, and $299, respectively.

If they prefer Android, I recommend the Pixel Buds. They’re basically Google AirPods. You can use them to translate for you, access Google Assistant, and do quite a lot more. I personally think that they’re a gimmick and no match for a good pair of AirPods. But I’m an Apple Sheep. Don’t listen to me. Rather, pop down there and see for yourself. You can get them for $159.me

On a final note, please don’t get mad at me for not including any of the cheaper earphones. The Bluetooth earphone market is humongous, and I’m really not the expert. Thank you.

A Bluetooth Speaker


Again, I’m no expert on the subject, but we’ve got a JBL Charge 3 at DoubleGeek, and we love it. Battery lasts for days, it’s really loud, and there’s no distortion. This is my choice, and it costs $149.

A WiFi speaker



You may have heard of Sonos. It’s a very popular WiFi home system. Shown above is the Play 1, the cheapest one they make at $199. I don’t know much about it, but you can learn more at sonos.com.



This is Apple’s attempt at a smart speaker. When it was announced (at WWDC), Apple said that music had always been in their DNA. And they certainly delivered. The HomePod is more sound-focused than it’s competition. It has an enormous Woofer, seven tweeters, and so much else (if you don’t understand, let me just say your friend will jolly-well appreciate it). It also has spatial awareness, so it can map out the room it’s in, work out where it is, and adjusts accordingly. You can find more about it on apple.com or you can check out DoubleGeek’s take (by me).

For Smart Home Nut

You know them. The ones who want their house to run on Binary code. The people who yell at their house and the lights turn on, and the thermostat turns up. They probably have all the usual stuff, like thermostats, lights etc.  So what do you get them?

A Doorbell!

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 13.34.22.png

This is the August Doorbell Cam Pro. You might recognise August from their extremely popular Smart Lock. Smart doorbells are relatively new, (HomeKit only gained support in iOS 10 last year), and they’re not the most popular of Smart Home gadgets, which is why there’s a good chance your friend doesn’t have one. I recommend this because there’s a 80% chance your friend will also have a Smart Lock, which integrates with the doorbell. The Doorbell Cam Pro costs $199 off august.com.

For the older generation

Now, despite being one of the youngest bloggers in the world who actually gets a few views (I know most 13-year-olds wouldn’t dare), I know that the older generation are never the first to embrace a new technology. They like things that do other things in that niche do, and nothing else. My Granny, for example, only switched from her old Nokia C1 in 2016. But, living close to older folks who see me and Sam as their tech support bots, I’ve come to know what they like in technology. Based on that, here are my picks.

iPad Smart Cover


Made by Apple, they will wake your iPad up when closed. This is a great gift because of two Older People facts: 1. LOTS of old people have iPads and 2. They love cases for their devices because they think if they drop it it will shatter into a mllion pieces. It’s $39 off apple.com, and if you get the red one, Apple will donate a cut to AIDS fighters.

Apple Pencil

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 14.29.18.png

If the older person in question has an iPad Pro (WOW!) then you can get them an Apple Pencil. It costs $99, but for that, you get the most advanced stylus ever! It’s got tilt sensors, pressure sensors, and fast charging ( 15 seconds=15 minutes of use). They are AMAZING:

Someone drew this with a stylus. I kid you not.

Just LOOK at that. So, a great gift if your friend is into art.

Surface Pen

For Lefties

Fortunately for you guys, I’m a lefty, so I know what we want!

Lefty Essentials Kit

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 06.57.05

If you live in the UK (or you’re willing to pay the shipping costs) you can order this from a site I found called Anything Left-handed. They really have EVERYTHING. This set in particular comes with a lefty peeler, scissors, can opener, knife and corkscrew. This costs $26.82. But you should really check out the more expensive ones if you have a bit of spare cash, because they’re really awesome.

Lefty Kitchen Essentials

This set has a knife, kitchen scissors, a corkscrew and a knife. If your friend is a cooking enthusiast, it’s an awesome gift. It’s $39

Lefty Mouse


This is the Razer DeathAdder Left-handed edition. After scoffing at the Logitech gaming mice, which has a special pad for my baby finger, I searched YouTube for a Lefty mouse and found this thing. Ooooh. Thank you, Razer. You are officially my favorite Gaming hardware company, and I’ll look for one of these when I buy Minecraft. You have done a great service to the left-handed community. This mouse costs $59.99 off razerstone.com


A mouse


What better to give a gamer then a mouse? I reccomend the Logitech MX Master 2S, shown above. It’s got almost all positive reviews, it’s really comftorble to hold, and really customizable. Get it for… I don’t know, because the price doesn’t seem to be on the website. And I couldn’t find it on Amazon. Sorry.


Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 08.37.56

For some inexplicable reason, gamers like thier keyboards to light up with gimmiky little lights, which makes gaming keyboards… expensive. The cheapest “Classic Green” one I found is $102 off razerzone.com

A Steam Gift Card

With Steam being the most popular gaming platform on the planet, your gamer friend will almost certainly have an account. You can send a gift card through Steam if you know their Steam usename, with a choice of $4, $8, $21, $42, and $83. Please note that those prices are aproximate, because the exchange rate (from Rands to Dollars) is changing so fast that I can’t put a garanteed price.

You can also buy phisical gift cards, or Wallet Codes from select locations around the globe (even down here in SA!). To see where you can get them in your area, check out this list from the website.

And if cash is tight this year…

I know that many people can’t spend $160 on a pair of earphones, so, in recognition of the fact that most of the stuff here is pretty expensive, I’ve compiled a list of some stuff you could get for your mates if you’re short on cash this year.

A phone case


Phone cases are a great gift to show that you care without breaking the bank. You could just go and dig one up from the deepest, darkest corner of Amazon, but if your friend has an iPhone, Apple make a really awesome range of leather cases for all models down to the 5s. A little buyers tip: Cases for the iPhone SE will fit your 5s, and cases for the iPhone 8 will fit the 7, 6s, and 6. Cases for the 8 Plus will fit the 7 plus, and cases for the 6s Plus will also fit the 6 Plus.

A Gift Card

A gift card for iTunes or Google Play start from $25. You can have Apple mail it to them, or you can . You’ll have to buy Play Store card from your local supermarket. iTunes cards come in packs of $25, $50, or $100. Both cards will alow you to buy movies, music, apps and books, and anything else sold on that store.

If you want to donate to your friends Apple fund, you can get them an Apple Store gift card, worth anywhere from $25-$2000. Mail it or email it.


I hope you’ve found a gift to give from your loved one. If you did, I’m happy for you. If you didn’t, I’m really sorry. I can give you some suggestions if you contact us 47 days until Christms! Enjoy!


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