Disclaimer: I (as an Apple Sheep) still think that Safari is the best browser in the world ever. But if you are not lucky enough to own a Mac, you should use Firefox. On with the story…

I never used to be a Firefox fan. I thought it was slow, clunky, outdated, and looked awful. And, when Sam announced that he was switching, I thought he was an idiot. And, at the time, Firefox was slow, clunky, and awful. So he really was an idiot to switch when he did. But, I gotta thank him for being an idiot. Because if he didn’t, we would never have discovered Firefox 57, or Quantum.

He was so excited that he got the Beta version, and when the final version came out, he waited with bated breath (you should’ve seen him!), and when it did come out, he was really excited. He sang its praises to anyone who would (and anyone who wouldn’t) listen. I still thought he was an idiot. I liked Chrome. But now, every time I used it I felt I was living in the past. So the other day, I switched. And I loved it

Firefox has gotton a lot better. It really has

This is what Firefox used to look like:firefox_51_no_windows_10And this is what it looks like now:firefox_2017-12-08_08-20-19So much better, don’t you think? Apparently, it’s called the Photon UI, and it makes Chrome look like what Firefox once was. An old, clunky rattlebox. Finally, Mozilla (Firefox’s creators) have realized that people don’t need a seprate toolbar for searches. It also looks better, no more clunky UI! WOO!

It’s Blazing fast

Firefox is now powered by Mozilla’s brand-spanking new Quantum engine. This means that it smokes Chrome a million times over. It has some really complex new tech, which I have no idea about, something about tab sandboxing? What? I don’t understand it, but I cam promise you it’s the second-fastest browser I ever used (after Safari).

The extensions library is HUMUNGOUS!

“Well, it sounds great, but I am sticking with Chrome because I need my extensions” Well, I have to tell you I have managed to find the Firefox versions of everything I used to have in Chrome, except Google Hangouts, Google translate (for obvious reasons) and Speedtest.net (Oh well) and many more. Extensions is a lame excuse.

It’s INSANELY customizable

I’m actually going to dive into the menus and see what I can do. But seriously, it’s INSANE. You can choose what you want to be where you want, which is pretty much anywhere. I assure you, it’s ridiculous


Firefox used to horrible. It’s now great! If you want to know more about it, I suggest reading The Best Firefox Yet Has Arrived. It’s by Sam, and he put a TON of work into it. So please read it!

What browser do you prefer. Let me know down in the comments!

6 thoughts on “I now use Firefox. Here’s why you should follow my lead and ditch Chrome

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