Recently, Twitter gave us a huge shock by doubling their 140 character limit to 280. And as we recover, another shock comes full-on: Official Tweetstorming support.

In case you didn’t know, Tweetstorming is a technique of breaking up one tweet over multiple tweets to do one of two things: Portion tweets into different bits (like if you were listing reasons why DuckDuckGo is the best search engine) or circumvent Twitter’s character limit. Since the limit doubled, the latter has become less of a problem but of course the former will never die, no matter how many characters the limit is raised to.

Until now, the problem with this technique is that each tweet, while recognised by you as part of a Tweetstorm, is recognised by the system as what it tecnically is, a single tweet. While this isn’t usually a problem, those with large followings will have it. Imagine if Barak Obama (who currently stands at 97.8 million followers) were to Tweetstorm a Christmas address of sorts, you would have a lot of trouble coherently piecing together  the address itsef. This is because in the time Mr. Obama was typing out the next tweet in the Tweetstorm, a large part of his many, many followers (and some other people besides) would be replying to the previous tweet, thus creating a huge amount of backlog to go through.

Now Tweetstorms, while still technically made up of seperate Tweets, are composed and posted as one. To mantain a difference between this and normal tweets, Tweetstorms (or “threads” as Twitter calls them) are represented in your Twitter feed as the first tweet in the thread. If you tap the “show thread” button, then the full thread is displayed. Thus, threads maintain a difference between themselves and normal tweets while not cluttering up your feed. Exiting press release mode.

So how do you use this new feature? Twitter have added a plus button in the composer, which when tapped, adds a tweet to the thread. When you’ve added all the tweets you need click the “Tweet All” button. Need images? No problem. While I’m not on Twtter (except for my Twitter bot Wolfie, whom you can find on GitHub) and so can’t provide a screenshot, Twitter have provided a helpful gif of a guy talking about I think his football team?


Twitter also detailed the update rollout.

We’re rolling out these updates to everyone on iOS, Android, and in the coming weeks. Make sure to update your app to check it out.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t recieved the update on the app yet, you’re out of luck, as Twitter hasn’t added the new feature yet on their mobile site, although the feaure is there on the desktop site.

Are you excited for this new feature? Or do you think Twitter is changing too much? Please let us know in the comments!


One thought on “Twitter Announces Official Support For Tweetstorms

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