Ever wished you could just hit Play and music would start playing without further intervention? There’s an app for that.

The app, called Stations is made by Spotify. What it is is a simple app that allows you to just pick a gere and and sit back, which makes it perfect for long exercise sessions and those nights by the fire on a cold winters night…

Sorry. I got a bit caught up there. It does seem, however, that Spotify has hit a nerve. Amazon’s Alexa already does this (you just say “Alexa, play some music), but the catch is you have to have Amazon Prime Music. While Amazon Prime itself is a great service and one I would invest in had I the money, Prime Music is… not great. Prime Music itself only includes 2 million songs, and while you can upgrade to Amazon’s Music Unlimited (which contains “tens of millions” of songs, according to Amazon) for $3.99 a month, you do start to wonder whether you shouldn’t be upgrading to Google Play Music, which includes YouTube Red in the bargain.

Anyway, back to Stations. This app is free to all Spotify users, although free users will be dealing with ads like in normal Spotify. The interface is clean and simple, with a single scrolling page of every genre, such as “Discover Weekly,” “Jazz” and “Aussie Top 50.” Spotify even say that if you use the app for long enough, an algorithim will make a custom playlist with songs it thinks you will like. Stations has something for everyone.

Unfortunately, there’s a catch. While Spotify have given Stations a Google Play listing, most of us who attempt to download it are told that it is “incompatible with your device. Oh bother.

Or not. Did you notice that this article hasn’t ended yet? Thankfully for all of us early adopters, one of the lucky few who could download Stations extracted its APK file from his phone (I say his because so far the only people who have reviewed Stations are guys) and uploaded it to APKMirror which means as long as you have Untrusted Sources turned on (Go to Settings>Security and turn on Unknown Sources. This option will be a menu for Oreo users because of the way Oreo deals with APKs) you can install Stations! Do be aware that the app is in beta, but if you want to install it click here to download. When the APK file has downloaded, simply click the file (on your phone, of course) and Stations will install! As with all apps installed via APK, Stations won’t tell you when it needs updating so you’ll need to keep an eye on APKMirror to see when an update is released.

Are you excited for Stations? Will you be installing it? Please let us know in the comments!

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