Cloud storage is awesome. New computer? Download the application and BOOM! But the problem is that they can’t work in harmony. This may sound stupid; You can just use one cloud storage service. But what if you use iCloud because it works with your Apple Ecosystem, but your employer uses Dropbox, and on top of THAT your friend (or twin, in my case) only uses Google Drive because he’s a complete Fandroid. Well, with a bit of tweaking, you can use your computer as an intersection so that they work in Harmony. Sound good? Read on:

You will need:

iCLoud for Windows

Backup and Sync by Google

Dropbox app

Link Shell Extension

Got all that? Great! Let’s get started. First, find the folder you want to sync up. Drag it into iCloud Drive2018-02-09_14-30-02Next, find Backup and Sync in your Toolbar. Click on it, then click Prefrences. Click Choose Folder.2018-02-09_14-35-19Locate the folder in iCloud Drive, click on it, and wait for it to sync up. Leave it alone and go back to iCloud Drive in the File Explorer and find the all-important file. Right click it, and, assuming you installed the Link Shell Extension correctly, There’ll be an option there marked Pick Link Source. Click it.2018-02-09_14-39-59Go fourth to Dropbox, and right-click empty space, mouse over Drop As and then click Symlink. Done! Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive will now sync up!













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