On Tuesday (sorry, my RSS reader is broken) Apple announced that WWDC18 will be on June 4th. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Also, like this year’s logo?

So, yeah, this year, the 29th World Wide Developers Conference will be on June 4th 2018. That’s all that Apple really said about it, apart from some self-praise about there Incredible, Industry Leading Software. So, since that doesn’t make much of a blog post, I thought I’d shake things up a bit. It’ll still be pretty short, but then we’ve never been one for long articles.

What is WWDC?

As you probably know by now, WWDC stands for Word Wide Developers Conference. It’s the biggest Apple event of the year (although the prize for the Most Hyped Apple Event goes to the September Event), and every year 5000 people attend, with millions more livestreaming. If you livestream it, you get to watch the big keynote where Apple unveil all their new software that comes out with the new iPhone in September. They sometimes announce new hardware too (in WWDC17 they announced the HomePod and the iMac Pro). If you GO there, though, it’s five days of lectures, interviews (sometimes) and lots more.

This year, I’m really excited, for three reasons

  1. I finally have the internet to livestream it
  2. DoubleGeek wasn’t around at WWDC17, so I’ll get to talk about it!
  3. What with wishlists, rumors and opinions, I’ll never run out of stuff to blog about

How to go there

Sure, you could just livestream it, but that’s BORING. How do you go to the actual place? Well, you will need:

  1. An Apple Developer Account
  2. Tons of Money
  3. Tons of Luck

To elaborate, there are two ways you can get to WWDC. You can get invited, or you can buy a ticket. You are NOT going to get invited, so you’ll need to buy a ticket. If you don’t have an Apple Developer Account by March 13th, you’re out of luck. If you do, you have to apply at developer.apple.com/wwdc/register/. If you successfully apply, you will be entered into a draw to get a ticket. If, by some miracle, you DO win a ticket, you have to buy it for $1500), You also have to pay to fly yourself to San Jose, AND you have to pay for a hotel while you’re there.

But wait, there’s a third way! If you have no money, no luck, and no Developer Account, but you’re a coding Whizz, (like my friend) you still have a chance! To Quote from Apple.com:

Your talent and enthusiasm could take you all the way to WWDC18. Build a Swift playground to showcase your ingenuity, answer a few questions with written responses, provide documentation, and submit.

To apply, you need to be:

  •   13 years of age or older
  • Registered for free with Apple as an Apple developer or a member of a paid Apple Developer Program
  • Enrolled part-time or full-time in an accredited course of study, or be a member of a STEM organization. A STEM organization can be any organization with local outreach (such as classes or meetings) that actively promotes the learning of science, technology, engineering, or math outside of regular school curriculum. Examples include Code.org, Girls in Tech, and Technovation.

If you think that this is a great oppertunity, registration opens on March 26th. If you have a bad memory, you can contact Apple and they will remind you.

Are you excited about WWDC? Let me know down in the comments!



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