Aren’t these messages so ANNOYING? They’d be fine if they were just a warning, but they’re NOT. They actually prevent you from installing the app, and there’s nothing you can do. Or is there?

Understanding this message

Ever heard that you don’t need an antivirus on Macs, because they’re so secure? That’s partly due to the fact the Macs are really locked down, but it’s mostly due to a software called Gatekeeper. This software prevents connects to Apple’s database of trusted developers, and if it doesn’t recognise a developer, it throws an alert. Sort of like not opening the drawbridge to a castle because the visitor doesn’t know the password. Tons of people have IDs with Apple, so this alert should seriously get your gears turning. Only go through with the installation if absolutely you KNOW that you can trust this developer. Forge, for example, is a Minecraft mod-loader  has been tried and tested by many Minecrafters. So I’ll go through with it.

How to do it

To deal with this message is simple. Go to System Preferences and click Security and Privacy.

Screenshot at May 03 14-39-19

Then, just click “Open Anyway”.Screenshot at May 03 14-40-07Now, a popup will appear, but this time it will give the option to open,

Screenshot at May 03 14-41-24

Congratulations! You are now done! You can open any app you want (at potential risk of breaking your $1200+ Mac). Enjoy your life!

Image Courtesy: Sam







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