Welcome to This Week’s Leaks, a new series where I round up the latest and greatest leaks every Friday (although I’m writing this one on a Tuesday). I’ll tag them all in a group so if you want to find them in the same place, then you can. This week, we have leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Intel’s next-gen Whiskey Lake CPUs.

NB: Before we get started, I would like to make one thing clear. For those of you who spell whiskey without an E, you are not wrong. I agree with you, but Intel does not, and I am simply respecting their spelling. Thank you.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung rumours have been spiralling out of control this week, after Korean business site The Bell said that they had received word from “multiple unnamed sources” about the new Samsung S10 models, internally code named Beyond 0, Beyond 1 and Beyond 2.

Beyond 0 will be an entry level model, with a fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone, where your finger rests. Samsung’s mission with the S10 is apparently to remove the fingerprint from the back of the Galaxy, presumably so the whole Oh-no-I-smudged-the-camera-when-I-signed-in-to-my-phone business becomes a thing of the past.

But Samsung also wants to make fingerprint sensors a thing of the past. Beyond 1 and Beyond 2 (presumably the S10 and S10+) will feature Fingerprint On Display sensors, reportedly to be manufactured by Qualcomm. These, if you remember, first came along in the Vivo X20 Plus UD, which you can buy in China as we speak. Unfortunately, these FODs will also make the S10 more expensive, costing $15 per unit, which is over 7 times more than a standard sensor. This is presumably why Beyond 0 (S10-, perhaps?) exists.

All phones will be bezeless, and if you’re interested, there’s some CC0 concept art available, which I’ll show here:



It all looks very interesting, and if you look at the top photo, you will see the tri-camera apparatus rumoured to be exclusive to the S10+.

Even better, we may not have long to wait. Samsung have confirmed an ‘Unpacked’ launch event, scheduled for August 9th. While this is probably a launch for the Galaxy Note 9, Forbes writer Evan Spence speculates that it might be an early launch for the S10. But we’ll have to wait till then to see what lies in store for the S10.

Intel Whiskey Lake Processors

The specs for Intel’s 8th-gen Whiskey Lake processors have been leaked. These are Intel’s new mobile processors, for teensy laptops like the MacBook, the Eve V or the Acer Swift 7. This does not mean that they have teensy speeds. The top-end i7 (no word of an i9) can match the 10-core iMac Pro’s speed, screaming along at 4.5 GHz (turbo boost) for 15 watts of power. This means that it will be great for travelling businesspeople.

We honestly don’t know much more about these processors, but a launch is imminent, since they seem to have actually put the chips in at least one laptop (but I may be wrong) and have also published the specs for big-brother Coffee Lake, which will run in normal PCs. If so, Whiskey Lake will probably share the event with Coffee Lake.


Thank you for reading This Week’s Leaks. A new edition will be published next Friday at 9:00 AM East Africa Time, which is 2 hours ahead of GMT and 8 hours ahead of Eastern Time. Please remember that these are rumours, and may be subject to change at any time. Thank you again and I hope you enjoyed.

Are you excited for the Galaxy S10? What about Whiskey Lake? Please let us know in the comments!



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