Apple have very recently announced that the customary Apple September Event will be on June 12, giving us techies just a week to get our gears turning. Here’s what it’s all about…

What is the September Event?

Screenshot_2018-09-08 Watch the Apple Special Event

For those who don’t know (What have you been for the past 6 years???), the September event is Apple’s traditional Hardware keynote. In it, they announce the new iPhones, the new Apple Watches, sometimes the new iPads and any other new stuff. They also typically announce any refinements they have made to the new versions of macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS since WWDC, and when exactly the software will be available. It is without doubt the most hyped event of the year among us tech geeks (Sam excluded; he prefers the Google October Event?), because the most hyped phone of the year is released (Sam is more excited than the Pixel 3??), as well as the most hyped watch of the year,  (Sam is more excited than the Pixel Watch). Here’s what the rumors are saying…

What might come out

No company is free from rumors about new products, and Apple is no exception. From WWDC to September, the internet is awash with everything about the September Event, from the new iPhones to the venue (although these days that’s really no secret. Now, to be clear, NOTHING (unless it’s 10 here is guaranteed. I never say that ever since I saw an old video from back in 2016 about the Series 2 Apple Watch. The presenter GUARANTEED that the Apple Watch series two would have a round bezel and a FaceTime camera and a cellular chip. Of course, none of these happened.

New iPhones

Credit: @VenyaGeskin1 on Twitter

The September Event revolves around the new iPhone, so it’s pretty safe to say that one is coming.

Most reporters agree that coming this year will be three iPhones. One will be a regular-sized iPhone Xs/XI/11 (we haven’t quite figured out the name) with the A12 chip, new camera etc., just a standard year-to-year iPhone upgrade. The next iPhone will be a 6.1-inch supersized iPhone 11, with landscape mode and possibly a triple-camera (but probably not). Finally, some analysts are predicting a budget 6.9-inch LCD iPhone, with only one camera. I personally don’t think this will happen, because big isn’t usually budget in the Apple book

Likelihood Score

  • iPhone 11: 10/10: everyone is so busy with the big iPhones that we don’t know much about the regular ones.
  • 6.1-inch iPhone: 9/10: With iPhone X production difficulties mostly solved, it seems natural that they should make a bigger one.
  • 6.9-inch LCD iPhone: 5/10: This just doesn’t seem like an Apple thing to do, in my mind; however, tons of people are saying it will be a thing.

New Apple Watch

9to5amc, via @VebyaGeskin1 on Twitter

Apple Watches have always come out in September, and it looks this one will too. The new one is thought to have a new, edge-to-edge display (the current one only LOOKS edge-to-edge), solid-state buttons (like the home button on the iPhones 7 and 8), a thinner design and possibly a glucose monitor (probably not). From the picture, it looks like it’ll also have some exclusive faces going that’ll take full advantage of its screen.

Feature Likelihood Score

  • Edge-to-Edge display: 9/10: The Apple Watch has all the hardware a smartwatch might want, so lets focus on aesthetics (looks).
  • Solid-State buttons: 6/10: It certainly sounds cool, but my question is, what are the benefits?
  • Thinner design: 7/10:While Apple Watches have been growing at a steady 1 millimeter-per-year, it would be nice to see a change. Whether this will happen is another matter
  • Glucose Monitor: 1/10: While we know that Apple is WORKING on one, we also know its not ready later.

New iPad Pros

Image Credit: MySmartPrice, via @applelianos on Twitter

The new iPads are reportedly coming in line for an iPhone X-esque upgrade. They will not feature an OLED display, instead favoring Apple’s 120Hz ProMotion display. It will not have a notch, its bezels being wide enough to hold a camera. It will also have FaceID, and a home-buttonless design.

Likelyhood Score

9/10: The iPads usually get a minor upgrade each year, but are in need of an asthetics overhaul to keep up with the iPhones.


Screenshot_2018-09-10 iPhone X.png

Apple announced AirPower, a wireless charging mat capable of charging your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods (with a new wireless case), last year, alongside the iPhone X. They said it would be coming in “2018”, which we all assumed would be late Feburary and early March. Well, long story short, it appears that they ran into some trouble getting it certified by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), and we still don’t have it. We know that it’s coming out, that it’s gonna be awesome, and that it will only work with Apple stuff, but we just don’t know when it’s coming out.

Likelyhood Score

6/10: There aren’t many rumors supporting this, but since Apple is still saying “Avalible 2018” about it, I feel like it’s a now-or-never thing. However, they also don’t seem to have FCC clearence, so they can’t sell it. Maybe we’ll get a develpment update instead.


Sorry for the delay (life); I feel like this is old news now. However, even though I may not have a chance to blog about it (or even watch it!), I’m still really excited! Are you? Let me know in the comments!



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