NB: Sorry for not writing about the September event. I was on holiday in Vienna.

After the long-awaited 2018 iPad Pro managed to evade the agenda for both WWDC 2018 and the 2018 Apple September Event, everyone (in the tech community at least) riveted their eyes on a late-October/early-November event. Finally, after exactly 34 days of waiting, our wishes were confirmed! You will be able to livestream it at 10:00AM EST (8:00AM GMT/UST) direct from apple.com. Here’s what the rumors are saying…

New iPad Pro

Image Credit: MySmartPrice, via @applelianos on Twitter

This bad boy has been a long time coming. Ever since the iPhone X came out back in 2017, the iPads have felt a little, well, dated. With this one, however, that seems set to change. The A12 chip found in the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR can already out-perform an Intel i5, and it a appears that it will be improved upon with the A12X chip, quite possibly the most powerful chip ever put in an iOS device. As well as the spec bump, the iPad is getting a bezeless makeover. It is thought that the bezels will be slightly thicker than that of the iPhone; because tablets are so big that you need some bezels to hold.  Good news for all you notch-haters, the bezel will most likely be thick enough to incorporate the cameras, so you won’t have any intrusion on your fancy new iPad.

The iPad will most likely incorporate the same camera system as the iPhone XR, that is, a 12 megapixel wide-angle lens. The front-facing camera will possibly be new, in order to house a new Face ID system that will work in Landscape orientation (currently it only works in Portrait). It also may include a USB-C port, but this seems unlikely.

Likelihood Score: 9.5/10

We’ve been seeing leaks on this iPad all year, and there’s no way it can dodge this keynote. Besides, the iPhone X has been around for almost a year and the iPad Pro is in desperate need of an upgrade.

Apple Pencil 2.0


The Apple Pencil is getting a little long in the tooth. To my knowledge, it is the 3rd oldest product on the Apple website; It was released on November 11 2015 and hasn’t been updated since (In case you’re wondering, the Mac Mini was last updated on November 14th, 2014, and the Mac Pro was last done on December 19th, 2013). The three new features will most likely be reduced latency, new colours and a new way of charging.

Likelihood Score: 5/10

It makes sense that the Apple Pencil gets updated along with the iPad Pro. My problem is, what would they add?

A new budget MacBook


I (along with many others) do like the MacBook Air. There’s just one problem: It costs $1000! My theory is that as technology got better and cheaper, Apple forgot to make the Air a little cheaper. Today, for $200 more, you can buy a MacBook Pro, which has a Force-Touch trackpad, a better screen, thinner bezels, a butterfly keyboard, and it’s actually THINNER than the Air. It’s a no-brainer.

Anyway, it looks like Apple finally remembered the little guy. Rumors suggest a new Air with upgraded chips, new keyboard, force-touch trackpad, slightly thinner bezels, and perhaps some new colours. It will also probably have legacy ports (USB-C is quite expensive) and will almost certainly be marketed for education, as the 2018 iPad was.

Likelihood Score: 7/10

While there are a few rumors supporting this, there are nowhere near the amount that usually comes out of a this-will-definitely-happen product.

New Mac Mini


The second-oldest product on the Apple site (November 14th, 2014), the Mac Mini is in dire need of an upgrade. Since your iPhone X has more power than your top-model Mac Mini, it seems as though this should be getting an upgrade any day now. The community is hoping for upgraded specs (Duh), a thinner design, and 4K support. I personally am also hoping for a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port?

Likelihood Score: 5/10

We’ve been seeing leaks all year, and since WWDC has come and gone, now would seem like the right time to upgrade?

iMac Spec Bump


We’ve all been seeing some crazy iMac concepts this year, but I think those are a little more than 11 days into the future. Just some 9th-gen Intel CPUs, new Graphics cards and MAYBE thinner bezels. Don’t expect anything crazy, though.

Likelyhood Score: 8/10

Until 2018, iMacs have been bumped every year at WWDC. They didn’t this year, so October seems the perfect time to do it.


Screenshot_2018-09-10 iPhone X

Everyone says that AirPower is dead. To me, however, it just doesn’t sound like Apple to give up on something just because it didn’t work the first time, especially a product that they appear to have invested so much into.  Don’t listen to me, however. I just really wanted it to happen.

Likelyhood Score: 2/10

Apple still need certification from the FCC. Since they’ve been working on AirPower for over a year now, it seems unlikely that they’ll manage to get it in the next 10 days…




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