Hi! We’re John and Sam Lindop, AKA DoubleGeek! We are a pair of twins with two laptops, a (computer) mouse and a dream: To make the World a Geekier place. Now that dream is becoming a reality, thanks to this blog. We love what we write, and we hope you will too.

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Read on for a small piece of writing from each of us.


One thing I can’t stand about being a twin is quite a few people treat you like you’re ultra-different. The main reason is because of a few stories about “twin telepathy,” one of which you can read in this article at ThoughtCo. There are also a few YouTube videos, such as this one  that was uploaded by merrelltwins. There are even textbooks about it! But this is mostly apocryphal.

The main reason for this is an experiment done in the 80s or 90s, which “proved” the existence of twin telepathy. I’m just gonna come right out, cut to the chase, whatever, and say it: We are not weird. We don’t have psychic powers. We are normal people, best friends even, who just happen to share parents and a birthday. So, can I just say to the world, please treat us like that, and not like psychics. Thank you. And enjoy DoubleGeek!! 🙂


Have you ever read Lost and found, by Andrew Clemments? It’s about two twins (Jay and Ray), who are completely identical. The only difference between them is that Ray has a freckle on his ankle. When they discover that only one of them is in the school records, they take turns going to school and find that they rather enjoy being “twinless”.

Well, I can tell you firsthand it’s not like that. Though people find it hard to tell us apart in the early stages of life, as we mature it gets much easier, and no two twins are THAT alike. When Sam’s away I message him pretty much all day, and it’s always nice to know that, in a room full of strangers, there’s always ONE person you can talk to without introducing yourself. So I’ll say it: Twins HATE being twinless. No, I don’t CARE if Mr Clemments is the father of twins. His book has it wrong. *Drops Mic*