Everything You Need To Know About Tuesday’s Microsoft Surface Event

Fun fact about me: I like Surface products. Fun fact about John: he doesn't like Surface products. Guess who got to write this post. Microsoft unveiled some really cool stuff, so let's dive in!


Google Fit Recieves Much Needed Upgrade

If you're not a Google-using fitness buff, you may not have heard of Google Fit. They don't push it as part of the Android suite, unless you have a Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) smartwatch. It's been needing a little TLC lately, and Google have dished up the goodies to create a whole new experience. … Continue reading Google Fit Recieves Much Needed Upgrade

This Week’s Leaks Week 1: Samsung Galaxy S10 and Intel Whiskey Lake CPUs

Welcome to This Week's Leaks, a new series where I round up the latest and greatest leaks every Friday (although I'm writing this one on a Tuesday). I'll tag them all in a group so if you want to find them in the same place, then you can. This week, we have leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Intel's next-gen Whiskey Lake CPUs.

How To Install Minecraft Mods

Have you ever heard of a mod? Maybe you've seen YouTubers playing them, or maybe a friend has been enthuzing about a new one they've got. But how do you install them? Follow this handy guide so that you too can change Minecraft, for better or worse. First, A Short Explanation If you've stumbled upon … Continue reading How To Install Minecraft Mods

Reason No.128 Not To Buy An Echo: Alexa Laughing At You

Thinking of buying an Echo? Why should you when it laughs creepily at you? I'll just repeat that. Alexa laughs at you. And it's really creepy too, like a cacke instead of a warm chuckle. Oh, did I mention that she doesn't just laugh? One user took to Twitter to express herself: THIS creepy thing … Continue reading Reason No.128 Not To Buy An Echo: Alexa Laughing At You

How to Install Spotify’s New Stations App

Ever wished you could just hit Play and music would start playing without further intervention? There's an app for that. The app, called Stations is made by Spotify. What it is is a simple app that allows you to just pick a gere and and sit back, which makes it perfect for long exercise sessions … Continue reading How to Install Spotify’s New Stations App